Do you have questions about how we operate.  Look thru our FAQ's  You may see an answer to your query.  If not please fell free to call or email us with your question. Below you will find info about our return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc.

Q. How do I obtain a quotation for my unused toner cartridges ?

A. Click on the "CONTACT US" tab, or, Email us at info@SurplusTonersInk.Com with the quantity, manufacturer(s), and pictures of the lot(s).  This is important for us in being able to accurately identify your toners for quotation.  You may also contact us at 1-888-266-0062.

Q. How do I send my unused toners cartridges to you ?

A.  We will email you the label(s) to attach to your shipping carton.  Simply attach the label to your carton (double-box) and drop off at any FedEx Store or terminal.

Q. Is there a preferred packaging method ?

A. Yes, for large quantities, please package all the toner in larger cartons (double-box).  Our suggestion is to purchase cartons from your local Uhaul or Walmart as the prices on boxes are 3-4 times less at these locations vs the UPS Store or FedEx Store.

Q.  How do I receive Payment ?

A.  We pay you immediately through PayPal, or, if we pick-up, we pay CASH on the spot.  We use PayPal so that both parties are equally protected throughout the transaction.

Q.  What if I don't have PayPal ?

A.  Once we have emailed you the shipping labels and you have shipped us your toner, we will send you a check for the purchase amount in the sellers name once the items are received as described. We have an impeccable payment record and are BBB Rated.

Q.  What types of toner do you accept?

A.  We only accept SEALED, Non-damaged Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) toner cartridges, we do not purchase equivalent or compatible toner cartridges.

Q.  I have labels on my toner boxes, will you still purchase them ?

A. In most cases yes.  Please DO NOT remove the labels , we remove them on our own.  We do not purchase toner boxes if the labels were torn off and the face of the box is compromised.

Q.  There is writing or magic marker on my boxes, will you still buy them ?

A. We do purchase boxes with writing or marker on them.  However, we would need to see pictures of the these boxes to see the extent of the writing to determine if we can accept them.  Please email us at  with all pictures.

Q.  Do you accept toner boxes which are damaged or slightly damaged ?

A.  In cases such as this, we would need pictures of the boxes to determine whether we would accept them.  Please email us at info@SurplusTonersInk.Com.

Q.  Do you purchase EXPIRED TONER ?

A.  Yes, we do.  Obviously, we do not purchase them at the same price as unexpireded toner, but we remain very competitive !!!

Q.  If I have questions, how do I contact you ?

A. Always feel free to contact us, 1-888-266-0062 or by email at and we'll be glad to help you with all of your needs !